About Me

Hi, my name’s Matt Shaw. I’m the Outreach Minister at Bettendorf Christian Church in Iowa, where I teach Christian’s how to share Jesus and serve others in our local community. I also have the privilege of leading BCC’s global mission team to support our missionaries around the world. Like any pastor, I also get to do a bunch of fun extra stuff I like to call the Junk Drawer.

The Shaw Family: Marco, Matt, Lili, Liam, and Kristen (left to right)

The Shaw Family: Our dog Marco, Matt, Lili, Liam, and Kristen (left to right)

This is my personal blog, where my mission is to help motivated but overwhelmed Christian leaders learn how to lead in both the local and global Church by living out God’s unique calling on their lives, so that they can effectively serve others and share Jesus around the world. I blog about the topics of Christian Life, Local and Global Missions, Church, Leadership, and Family.

I also have a podcast called The Renewing Our City Podcast where I discuss the topics of Missions, Evangelism, Service, Leadership, Church Planting, and Outreach with special guests. This allows me to pick their brain and share the information with you. You can subscribe to the podcast on itunes or Stitcher.

Two posts a week is my typical schedule, and so you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS

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