by Pastor Matt Shaw

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Bettendorf Christian Church Sermon
February 14, 2015

Do not worship your relationships, rather worship God through your relationships!

“See God At Work Through The Power Of Prayer”
by Matt Shaw

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Fire+Up+Title+Slide See God at Work Through The Power of Prayer!

Episode 8 : Sarah Liu on Persecution in China

Sarah Liu has an amazing testimony of faithfulness to Jesus. After becoming a Christian, she knew it would cost everything. Because she told others about Jesus, Sarah was arrested, tortured, and put in prison for 6 years. In this episode, Sarah shares about the persecution of Christians in China, and what we can do about it.

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Question: Will you commit to praying with me about the persecuted Church during the Christmas season? Leave your thoughts about Sarah’s interview too! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 7 Things I’m Thankful For

Over two weeks ago, I was at the mall with my family when we rounded a corner to see Santa and his workshop already set up. Christmas music was already playing along with all the commercialism that comes with buying gifts today. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS, but it seems like everyone is forgetting about the very important holiday of Thanksgiving. So, today please don’t forget about all the blessings you have and people you are thankful for. Don’t get wrapped up in shopping the next few days on Black Friday or Cyber Monday without first being thankful.

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Episode 5 : Karl Roberts on Personal Evangelism

Pastor Karl Roberts is one of the men who inspired me to become a pastor. He loves the Lord deeply, and if you are around him you will know it by him sharing his savior with those around him. My parents, over 25 years ago, started going to the church pastor Karl was ministering to, and after over 40 years of ministry he is still serving Jesus any way he can. He brings great insights on how you can personally share Jesus with others.

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Question: Who do you know that needs to hear the message of Jesus? Share their first name in the comments, so we can all be praying for you to have an opportunity to share and their heart will be open to listening. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Why You Should Get Your Kids Involved With End Of The Year Giving

It’s just about that time of year when you are probably thinking about tax deductions and end of the year giving.If you bring your children in on the process by creating teachable moments for them throughout the end of the year giving process, it is a great way to teach generosity and make it more fun for you.

why involve kids end yr giving

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As I was growing up, my parents were constantly trying to show us how to live as a believer in Jesus. My parents owned a business, which created moments for my dad to teach us about generosity. One example was when he would do his end of the year giving. Dad would give each of us a curtain amount of money. He asked us to do research on a missionary, report back on our findings, and then he would write them a check. This memory changed my life, and let me in on how generous my parents were. This is the process I want to share with you, but first we have to start with the reasons why?

“James 4: Following God’s Will [Sermon]”
by Matt Shaw

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October 19, 2014

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At BCC we are working through the book of James.

This week, in Chapter 4, I focused on the topic of Following God’s Will.

Everyone needs to answer in their own mind this question, Is your aim in life to follow your own path or to follow God’s will?

How To Follow God’s Will

  1. Pick a Team
  2. Press Into Jesus
  3. Pursue God’s Plan, Not Your Own

Question: When do you find yourself choosing your own will over God’s? How do you overcome it and get back on track? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Labeling Our Sin Does Not Stop Us

How many time a day do you say something that you wish you would not have? Do you ever think something you know is wrong, but think it anyways? Is it a goal of yours to be gentle and compassionate, but it is so hard to forgive and quit being stubborn?

These are all things that go on in my life that I am constantly dealing with.

Warning, Cigarette Carton, Smoking Kills

I shot this photo in the Istanbul, Turkey Airport Duty-Free Store

3 Reasons We Need Patience

I talk with many young adults, and have felt in my own life many times, about how they are frustrated with their life circumstances, wanting something more.

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So many times we as people want the future to happen now. We want our present life to change; whither the desire to be married, achiving a job promotion, healing of a loved one, your standard of living to increase, significant weight loss, misbehaving children to mind, etc.

In our microwave society this problem of discontentment has increased our need for instantanious results. We are always looking to the future with big eyes, and want to be there NOW!

We know we should be patient, but many times we find ourself seeking big things that don’t allow us to have time to be patient. So why am I not patient and content with my circumstances?