The Christmas Story: Kids Christmas Program 2014

This year for our Kids Christmas Program, we made a short-film to tell the Christmas story. It is fun to see the creativity of our Children’s Ministry and how using media is a great way to get the kids families involved.

Thanks John Smay for creating this film!

p.s. My daughter is the wise woman who drops her gift and my is the baby angel at the end. They are adorable!

3 Reasons We Need Patience

I talk with many young adults, and have felt in my own life many times, about how they are frustrated with their life circumstances, wanting something more.

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So many times we as people want the future to happen now. We want our present life to change; whither the desire to be married, achiving a job promotion, healing of a loved one, your standard of living to increase, significant weight loss, misbehaving children to mind, etc.

In our microwave society this problem of discontentment has increased our need for instantanious results. We are always looking to the future with big eyes, and want to be there NOW!

We know we should be patient, but many times we find ourself seeking big things that don’t allow us to have time to be patient. So why am I not patient and content with my circumstances?