Haiti Lifeline Mission Trip Report (1/3)

Traveling to a different part of the world is always a life changing experience, but taking 19 high school students with really adds some spice to the mix.

Pre-Haiti Inteviews & In-Country 1st Impressions (1/3)

Back it July, my Church sent a group of 25 (19 High School Students) to Grand Guave, Haiti to work with Lifeline Christian Mission, and what an adventure we had.

As the students were waiting in O’hare Airport before leaving for Haiti, I interviews some of them to get their expectations of what they are about to do. The questions I ask them are
1. What they are excited about?
2. What fears do you have?
3. What are you excited for God to do in their lives when the trip is over?

Question: What are some expectations that you have had before going on a mission trip? Can you relate with these students? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I took only my iphone 5 and this mic to shoot these videos, and had my buddy, John Smay, edit it for our trip update during church when we returned. Blame any bad shots on me and everything good on John.

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